Felix Obinna


I'm Felix. A UX / Interaction designer.
Clients hire me to design intuitive, crisp and easy to use great visuals and experiences for their digital products.
Think of your products look and feel as an investment. Not just an investment, but one that definitely pays off. It’s something that when combined with a great product or service will pay off year upon year for the life of your business.


Below is my Design process. Checkout my Design FAQ HERE

The brief

Compiled from a Q&A session with the client, a design brief clarifies what needs to be done, keeps the project on track, and saves time for everyone involved.

Research and brainstorming

Time is spent reviewing the brief and asking followup questions before beginning more thorough research and brainstorming. Taken into account are a client’s target users, user problems, where the product fits in, what problem the product solves, competitors, market trends, product or service differentiators, the history of the business, the future, the current brand, and brand aspirations.


Using a pen, sticky notes / paper helps generate a strong set of possible directions. The alternative of a mouse and computer adds an extra level of restriction that hinders creativity. Most sketches are eventually made redundant, but the point is to explore as many directions as possible before narrowing it down to one that actually works.

Low Fidelity

The most effective ideas are developed into wireframes/low fidelity visuals. This stage involves transferring the ideas/sketches to visuals using blocks that represent different aspects and elements of the design.

High Fidelity

This stage involves filling the blocks with actual data, images and information in relation to the product. This stage is where the finishing touches are made on the designs.

Interactive Prototypes

This is where the High fidelity designs are made into interactive prototypes. That is more like simulating what the actual product looks and feels like.

Design/assets shipping

All necessary file/asset is supplied via email and/or made available for download. Specific file requests can be catered for.

After service

The offering doesn’t end once a client pays the final installment. Should any design-related questions crop-up, I’m on hand to provide an answer, or to offer assistance with design application.

If you're convinced and would like to hire me, you can send me a direct mail to felix@cgminds.com or use the contact form.

Looking forward to working with you.
See my Design FAQ page.