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A client once approached me for a logo for his new business. 
He was so passionate and eager to start
The crease coming off and on his face as he sweated, trying to explain his business, 
I stood, hands akimbo
Listening intently for his business ideals and purpose.

As a brand designer,
I care more about finding your target market and communicating your ideas to them.
There are millions of businesses in the market
and you must STAND OUT to sell.
After asking some questions for clarification sake,
I gave a price and guess what?
He drew back.
Though this has happened sometimes in my meetings with clients, this time I was quite surprised.
He was so passionate about his business but failed to understand the power and necessity for an identity. 

He said "The benchmark for a businesses' success is its Brand Equity not a logo".
Though I don't refute this fact, but “differentiation is required to build Brand Equity”.
Another question I get very often that makes me itch a little is "is that the price for an ordinary logo?"
When you see your brand identity as "ordinary" then you have missed it.
If we were all born with the same name and face, how would the world be? How would you differentiate me from your brother?

Most times, we underestimate the power of a logo.
It is the face of your business.
It travels far beyond you to people you have never met.
So just as people prefer one person to another
Same way they’ll prefer one business to another, it’s a battle of Perception.
A good logo tells a lot about your business.
Give it your best!

Contributor: Joseph Ekong

Felix Obinna

Creative Visual + UI Designer • Awesome Dude. Curator/Writer at cgminds .