Well, to start the week, I 'll be sharing something a bit off topic. This blog is for us to learn.
So, why not see the tiny list. And, let's be make the week a beautiful one.

1. You are paid in proportion to the difficulty of the problem you solve... Don't charge for the value of your time... charge based on how much the other person values their time... sell their time back to them...

2. Whoever provides the most "perceived value" in a relationship, has the leverage... if you have money, that is not going to be a selling point on making you do something uncomfortable... money doesn't make everyone go round... just the people who need it at the time...

3. Ask people what they want, then show them you are the best person in a position to give it to them.

4. Meet people at their level of understanding. Don't elevate yourself unnecessarily just to be impressive... be accessible and approachable. Cultivate likability and sow loyalty. You don't have to dumb yourself down for people, but you do need to serve their needs and interest if you want them to follow you. That means they have to be able to understand you and accept what you're saying.

5. Do the best you can with what you have, where you are. Stop waiting for it to be perfect and the stars to align. Work with what you have and build something better.

Felix Obinna

Creative Visual + UI Designer • Awesome Dude. Curator/Writer at cgminds .