The research is over.
The sketching is finished.
Bad ideas now fill your waste basket and the best ideas have made it to the computer screen.
After all the hard work, your logos are finally ready to present to the client. But how can you be sure they will be accepted and appreciated by the client? Below are some tips on presenting your logo comps to the client.
Follow these rules and your logo proofing is bound to be a success almost every time.

Document and discuss “why”

The most successful thing I have been able to do when presenting a series of logo proofs to a client is to document the reasoning behind my actions.
In other words, let the client know the reasons you designed a particular logo in a certain way. If it was to connect more powerfully with the target audience, to simplify the identity, or to increase brand awareness, include that in the presentation.
I usually type a professional summary of my motivation for each composition. It’s also important to cite requests made by a client in preliminary dicussions: a phrase like “This concept was created according to your request for…”. Understanding the purpose and motivation behind each design will help the client appreciate each design individually.

The first impression is everything

Make sure the client is thoroughly impressed with your designs the first time they see them.
This can be achieved by double- and triple-checking all spelling and other small details.
Also, if you are presenting the logos in person, mount them professionally on foam core or some other clean surface.
If you are presenting them digitally via email, etc., put your best work at the beginning, create a professional cover page, and group all the comps together in a pdf document that can be easily and quickly read.

Present practical application

Put their logo on things.
Show them what it would look like if they placed any particular logo on a business card, web site, stationery, and where appropriate, promotional material like Tshirts, pens, etc.
The more the client sees real-life application with the logos, the more able they will be to make an informed decision.

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