As designers, we 're prone to working from 8am to 3am. It's a natural thing to keep late nights.
Most of the times, we're working on a project that'll be delivered in few days. Or possibly, the very next day. Or could be working on some personal projects.

Whatever it is that keeps you awake when you're supposed to be sleeping can actually be overcome if you manage your time properly.
When I'm discussing about a project with a client, it's a normal thing to let the client know when to expect the review copy, or the delivery of the project. The problem is not having enough time to work on the project, it's not taking the necessary actions to beat time, deliver your projects, get your clients happy, and have enough time to yourself.

Someone asked me, how would you feel if you can finish your works before 4pm daily?
My reply was "I'd feel great".
And so would you.
So, I put down the little tricks I use to escape late delivery, working late nights, dozing during the day and stopping clients from bashing.

1. Cutting the delivery time

When I  have one week to deliver a project, I cut two days off it. That  is leaving myself with five days. I have a reminder set for the project when it's three days gone.

How it helps: Knowing I have five days to deliver, I'll have to get whatever I need to get it done. If I'm free, I'll get down to it. But, if it happens that I'm swamped with projects, the reminder will remind me that I have two days left. This will keep my on my heels knowing that I have few days to deliver the project. 

If I get it done with the five days, I send it out immediately for review. And let the client know that he/she has 24hrs to send me a revert.

You get the revert on the sixth day, fix it and send the necessary files on or before the seventh.

2. Working with a Reminder and a To-do List:

Proper time management is gives room for maximum productivity. And, as you know "Time is money".
At the beginning of each day, I prepare a To-do list of all the projects I have to work on, and when to get down to each of them. Be it a personal project, browsing portfolio websites for inspiration, I put it down.
It may look absurd, but, it works. It helps you have a working time frame. And, will help you keep to it.

I know it's difficult, if not impossible not to have creatives keeping late nights, But, it'll help reduce how often you sleep during the day.

Have any other way of managing your time? Just share it with us here.  

Felix Obinna

Creative Visual + UI Designer • Awesome Dude. Curator/Writer at cgminds .