Referrals: Why And when to ask for it

Referrals: Why And when to ask for it

Asking for referrals as a designer could be a difficult task. But, referrals are a great way to build your clientele.
Some designers shy away from asking for referrals. Some take it that once you deliver a good job, the client will always refer clients to you 'cause you did an awesome job. Hell NO!

That's not how it works. Doing a good job was why you were paid at the first place, so that does not in any way guarantee that your client will send referrals your way. Asking for referrals is a whole different thing.
Doing a good job is one. Asking for referrals is another. And, to succeed as a freelancer, you have to learn to handle the both very well. Else, your design business will be a very difficult venture to build.

You may never be able to realize how much returning clients you'll have if you ask for referrals. Referrals are a very good way to get yourself clients that don't need to be sure that you can do this. Clients that 'll insist on seeing some of the works you've done, 'cause they were referred by someone close to them. Or someone they trust their opinions. Referral clients help save you the stress of steady social media advertising. 'Cause most of them will turn to returning clients and probably, send some referrals your way too.

Why you should ask for referrals:

 When you ask clients for referrals, they feel committed. Having to send someone to you shows how much they trust you. And, that you can always deliver. And when they want to give someone else a shot, the friend they referred will remind them. "That designer is as good as you said, I never knew he could deliver a job as clean as that, bet me, he'll be handling my designs from now on." They'll always have a second thought.

Asking for referrals makes you a better deisgn-preneur. It helps you understand clients behavior which will be of importance when sending out proposals. If you have good referral asking approach, you won't find it difficult convincing prospective clients on why they should work with you. Bet me.

When to ask for referrals:

If you want to ask a client for referral, you'll have to be sure that they were satisfied, and possibly written you a review on how good the project went. This will give you a better stand. Since they love the service you just rendered, they won't have a problem sending their friends your way. Or possibly business partners. But, then, you shouldn't send your mail immediately you finish a project. Let it sink in. Give it a few days. Like 4 - 5 days. Maybe, they may speak to someone even before you ask.

So, allow it to sink first. So that it won't make you look like a beggar. They'll understand that you know how to play your game.

Asking for referrals: You should remember to ask you clients to send you friends or colleagues that they trust.

WHY? Some people will just send you anyone. Just to get you off their back. You have to make them understand that what you need is someone that 'll be easy to work with just like they were. Someone that 'll possibly send you referrals as well. It saves you some stress. And, when asking for referrals, make it look professional. Unlike a proposal that is aimed at a particular client, asking for referrals is like sending a proposal to three or four clients.

So, you have to be polite, and professional. When you get your first referral, you will love to ask again. And while it keeps working out, maybe, you 'll stop asking google "how to get more clients". 

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