Personal preference vs design decision

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Personal preference vs design decision. They're very different...
One thing that every designer, new and old, struggles with is making a clear distinction between what we like, and what to decide. Here's an example of what I mean:
Designer does all his or her work on a black background, because they like a black background.


Designer creates a layout they personally don't prefer (or possibly hate), but one that conforms to the brand, the topic, the target audience.
Take a guess which one is right.

That said, the REAL trouble-spot is the designer who, faced with this choice, goes out of their way to make a crap design, just to make a point that they prefer another color or font. This happens ALL the time. And, guess who goes from job to job and eventually ends up "complaining that the design industry is too hard, and people don't know what good design is!"

This is a REALLY hard balance to strike, and one that separates a professional from an amateur. It's also called "design instinct". You need to cultivate the skills to create an amazing layout that you don't like. Yes, you read that right. When the pros talk about being valued by clients, that's just one of the ways that happens.

When it's your own project for fun, flex all the muscles you want on the color, fonts and styles you like. When it's for a client, change hats, and get in the driver's seat and steer down the "Make this what it needs to be, not what I want it to be" highway. It takes practice, but be sure you do it, if you want to be a pro.

Contributor: Onuorah Ikechukwu is a Graphic Designer by profession, and a writer by hobby. He loves putting words across when it comes to design. And, bet me, you can never go wrong reading his write-ups. For more details you can get in touch with him on Facebook

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