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I've come across a lot of blog posts and forum topics that discussed Contest websites, and it's effects in working with them. I for a person tried my hands with Which happens to be one the biggest Design contest websites. Well, I was a regular member as of then, but never won any of the contests while I was active. But, truth be told, I learnt something from being part of the community.

Generally, Designers have come to believe that contest websites make people in other fields believe that Design is not worth the while. If it does, why would you compete with other people to offer your service without being assured of being paid at the end of it. Most times, these contestants have to come up with five to six different designs so as to outshine the others. And these contests, sometimes takes up to two and possibly three weeks. Of which we know is good enough for any sane being to round up a paid project.

Design contest websites are ripping the design industry to enrich themselves. Why would you own up to design when the contest holder can withdraw at any time? He has nothing to lose. The designers are the ones that lose in cases like this. The contest holder can pick any design of his choice and have it recreated for a cheaper fee, then he'll cancel the contest with reasons that none of the designs met his taste. It is annoying and though provoking to know that most people who have been in the design field for long do this.

Though, contests. when done with a nice intent is healthy. Some designers would say they do it for the fun. While some say it's good for newbies to see how fast people can design same thing they're working on and arrive at something better in a shorter period. Whatever the excuses are, Design contests websites are a NO! NO! for me. And, encouraging them is the only thing I see someone who wishes the the industry dead would do.

The last time I spoke with a contest holder on 99designs, he said he preferred working with contest websites 'cause it comes with the flexibility of withdrawing and staging another contest until he gets what he wants. And then, designers will keep designing to satisfy his taste. after which he'll withdraw, and knowing fully that any design uploaded on design contest website becomes their property. And the contest holder can have your submitted design re-created by some other person.
What makes you a designer is the creative part of you. why sell it for a piece of written bucks that you're not guaranteed?

Well, my opinion.

Felix Obinna

Creative Visual + UI Designer • Awesome Dude. Curator/Writer at cgminds .