Brilliant Print AD

This is a collection of wonderfully executed Ad designs.
These print Ad designs will get your attention from a mile away. And, will pass the message same second without a second look.



Turn on your adventure with this new print ad campaign for Volkswagen

To get you to understand fact that you can get more than 620 miles out of single tank of fuel with Volkswagen's Amarok, ad agency Below went into developing series of print ads, inviting people to 'turn on adventure'. The clever concept features three images with the groves of the car keys transformed into a city, safari and mountain landscape.


 Alzas Bajas
Beautiful print ad developed by JWT for Argentinian magazine Alzas Bajas

This beautiful print ad was developed by JWT, Buenos Aires for Argentinian magazine Alzas Bajas. The team created four paper art images, including this Lovely wildlife scene. Each is accompanied by a small amount of explanatory message followed by the tagline 'More information, Less risk'.


Print ads that come out of left field.

Brilliantly terrifying. This is one of those print ads that shouldn't work but somehow does. The advertisement for Duracell features a creepy-looking doll in the doorway of a little girl's playroom, accompanied by the tagline 'Some toys never die'.

Developed by  Grey advertising agency in Singapore, this is certainly a unique way to promote longer-lasting batteries. It's a bit left-field, and completely terrifying, but we love it nonetheless.


Inspired by the artwork of Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher, these print ads feature clever optical illusions

The African Pengium specie is in rapid decline, and needs help. South African advertising agency Bittersuite and SANCOOB, a non-profit organisation that aims to protect threatened seabirds, recently developed this creative series of print ads to raise awareness of the penguin's critical situation.

Inspired by the artwork of Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher, two of the designs feature clever optical illusions to draw the viewer in for a closer look and get their message across. The third draws inspiration from optometrists' eye charts, featuring a timeline of different sized penguins to show the decline in the species.


Creativity's infinity nature Exposed in this new print campaign for Wacom Bamboo

Design tablet king, Wacom in a bid to create an AD for their popular Bamboo products, art director and illustrator Maria Molina developed this set of prints under the tagline 'Creativity has no boundaries'. The series includes three illustrations, each featuring various designer tools with a twist. Bright colours, minimal text and simple graphics work perfectly together in this campaign.


Ad agency Grey New York developed this hard-hitting print campaign for non-profit organisation States United to Prevent Gun Violence
 This hard-hitting print ad campaign against gun violence comes from advertising and marketing agency Grey New York. The campaign, which features three human targets, including a small baby, calls for an update to the USA's antiquated gun laws. The ad, commissioned by non-profit organisation States United to Prevent Gun Violence, features the tagline 'Bullets leave bigger holes than you think'.



Got the message?

We all know the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving. But we really like the simple but clever way  Gitam BBDO pointed out the obvious facts in this road safety message from car manufacturer Opel. The cool print has a black background, replicating a phone while at the same time making the white box of text all the more prominent. A simple but really effective concept.

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